Most common Questions around Beaudry Hometown Insurance


Are you guys your own insurance company?

We get this one a lot. We aren’t the actual insurance company that pays out claims. We get written approval from a handful of companies that allow us to write the insurance for them. Basically, we connect the insurance company with the client.

Why would I go to you and not direct to the insurance company?

This is another good question. A lot of the companies we write for, you can only get insurance through that company by way of an agent. In other words, you can’t call the company up direct and say you want insurance with them, they will tell you that you need to find an agent that writes for them and the agent will help you.

What if I can go direct to the company, wouldn’t it be better to do that?

Even if a company does allow people to get insurance direct with them, I believe there is great value in having an agent for many reasons. This can include having someone to discuss your needs, advise you on coverages and claims, look for all potential discounts and a much easier point of contact dealing directly with our agency compared to having to navigate through phone prompts or online tabs. I’ve also seen mistakes people have made when doing changes online that have come back to affect them greatly.

I don’t know much about insurance, how do I get a quote?

I completely get this one! A lot of times, people don’t understand insurance, or how our office works, so they may feel overwhelmed to ask us for help, but that is exactly what we are here for! If you have never had to get insurance on your own before or maybe you got home/auto insurance years ago and have never switched and have no idea how to go about it, you are perfect for us! Just give us a call or send an email to me and we will do our best to guide you along the way. We promise it won’t be bad and the more questions you have, the better we can do our job so don’t feel intimidated!

How much does it cost me to go through your agency?

We basically never charge a fee to use us. We get paid by the insurance companies, so when you get a home or auto quote for example, that is the total cost. We don’t have a charge on top of that. In a very rare case, some work comp policies we charge a fee, but we would explain that ahead of time before you agree to anything. You’ll never get charged for calling us with a question or wanting to set up an appointment to review your policies or discuss a claim.

If I buy insurance from you, do I work with the insurance company after the sale?

Absolutely not! That is what we believe the value of an agent is, and best of all, it is no extra cost to consult us! Purchased a new vehicle and need to get it insured? Give us a call! Not sure if you should file a claim? We can chat about the pros and cons of filing the claim and leave you better informed to make a decision. When you buy an insurance policy through our agency, you are getting our agency to help anytime you need us, whether it be billing, policy changes or as simple of a task as requesting an auto insurance ID card, that is what we are here for!